Monday, May 7, 2007

What we did this weekend

This is a picture-heavy post.

Our house was built by hubs great grandfather (around 1940) and was sold to hubs by his grandfather. We are planning on adding onto the back next spring so we need to do some cleanup, tree removing, etc.

This is the garage and shed- shed is coming down so the large willow tree can be taken down.

Here is what we started with-
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And here's the stages of it coming down.

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Me looking awful- I was tying to prove that I was actually helping him and getting dirty but this pic doesn't show the sweat and dirt on my face
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My piles- The one closest to me is all the metal to go to recycling and the pile on the right behind the garage is for the dumpster- I made those piles. See the back wall is gone.
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Hubs has been clearing a bunch of trees out all this week so now we see hints of an actual yard. His Grampa had a thing for pine trees.
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Hubs still working on the roof. See the side wall is gone now.
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My dirty gloves- yeah I'm still trying to prove I helped.
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Here you see we are down to just one lonely little wall. Scroll down to see the videos of how this came down.
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All Gone! YAY!
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And now for your viewing pleasure:
Redneck Shed demolition

Part 1

Part 2

Now all I need to do is send this to AFV and maybe we can make $10,000.

What do you think?


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mother's Day giveaways

Check it out!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carlos, trucks and blonde moments

Have any of you seen the comic Carlos Mencia?
If you haven't, OMG, go check him out. He tells it like it is!
Anyway, he has this phrase that pretty much points out when you've done something "retahhded"
Check out this video for a good explanation of "Dee, deedee"

A certain someone I know* (we'll call him the "Hero") has this truck that has been giving the him problems.
Apparently there has been strange noise for months now and the steering has gotten progressively worse.
Our Hero needed to change the transmission so he assumed that would fix alot of the problems. Well the truck drove better but the steering was getting worse.
After some deliberation with a family member** he bought over a hundred dollars worth of parts for the front end and installed them. Didn't fix it. So off he goes to buy more parts. Our Hero decides that instead of changing these parts, maybe he should make an appt at the local garage to have some diagnostics done and hopefully they could find the problem and then he could fix it. In the meantime our Hero contemplates and searches for a used car to replace the truck if needed.
Garage appt was made for the next day. After work that day he was getting in the truck and noticed that his back tire looked funny.

Blonde Moment:
So our Hero makes the short drive to his home and when he arrives he decides to inspect the tire.
What he finds is amazing.

This tire rim has 6 lug nuts, one lug is broken. BROKEN! and two of the nuts (next to each other) (heh,heh, I said nuts twice) were almost totally unscrewed. He tightened the two loose ones and took a quick drive down the road.
Guess what?
Go on.
You know you want to say it.

And so in the end, we find our hero threatening bodily harm if this scene is blogged about.
Hehee, I think I'll take my chances!

* to protect his dignity
** to protect the family

I was just informed that one part of the story above is incorrect. Apparently the two nuts (hehe) I described as being loose were, in fact, the only TIGHT ones on the rim. the other three were the loose ones. I apologize to our Hero for the error.
Cheeznrice man!


Friday, April 6, 2007

*WARNING* Politically incorrect

I'm about to let loose with my thoughts on illegal immigration so those who support it may want to stop reading here.

Wonderful and I were watching the local morning news just now and they had a report on about the cost of Illegal immigrants to US citizens. i knew it was bad but I had no idea just how bad.
Now before I start putting the numbers out there let me say this:
I understand wanting a better life. I fully support those people who struggle to make their and their families life better.
When you sneak over to our country and suck up all our resources, that's where I have a problem.
You come to this country, work your asses off to better your life, but yet we never get anything in way of a "THANK YOU"
You know how you can thank us?
Become legal!
Learn about our country and the struggles our citizens have gone through over the years. Learn about the way the original immigrants worked to show there appreciation for this country.
Learn to speak our language as fluently as you are able. My child should not have spanish shoved down his throat while he's watching cartoons. If he wants to learn it, he can take it as an elective in school just like every other language.

Ok now for statistics:
"since the 1980s, the number of illegal aliens has increased dramatically and, since the mid 1990s, has surpassed the number of legal immigrants."

Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans are right now sharing their identities with immigrants and don't know it. "

"Households headed by illegal aliens imposed more than $26.3 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002 and paid only $16 billion in taxes, creating a net fiscal deficit of $10.4 billion, or $2,700 per illegal household." Steven A. Camarota

"When an alien criminal gets caught for rape, murder or drug distribution, you pay $1.6 billion annually in prison costs to house, feed and clothe those filling 30 percent of our federal and state prisons—not to mention TV, movies, weight rooms and other entertainment—they enjoy while being incarcerated. It costs $200 million to provide for emergency health care for illegal aliens in the Border States annually. California with over three million illegals paid $79 million, BUT four of their major LA hospitals bankrupted and shut their doors in 2004. Texas with 1.5 million illegal aliens paid $74 million in hospital care." Frosty Wooldridge

This makes me ill.
I am paying a ridiculous amount for healthcare (1/3 of my paycheck) and I know, one day, I'm going to need something they don't cover and then I'll have to pay out of pocket which will possibly bankrupt me. And all along the illegal immigrants are getting free care from all over the country. That WE ARE PAYING FOR!

My tax cost from each paycheck is another 1/3 +.
This helps pay for them to get medical care, food stamps, housing assistance and to be taken care of in prison after they've committed a crime.
COMMITTED A CRIME PEOPLE!- they commit a crime sneaking into this country and then to show their thanks and respect they kill, maim, rape or deal drugs? WTF!?

I'm not saying you can't come live, work and raise your kids in this country. Just be respectful and do it the right way. I would rather my tax dollars go towards helping you to become a citizen, teach you the language and get an education than wasted on those who don't have the common decency to try.

I'm just sayin'!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007


That's a term coined by Motherhood Uncensored on her most recent post.
Her explanation:

"If Heather got fired for her blog, I think I might get divorced over mine. That would make me "divooced," right?"

Apparently her husband recently googled her and found her blog. Didn't like what he read. He used the words
"libel and slander."

Her husband!
What kind of an asshat talks that way to his wife?

I mean c'mon. Would you rather she let it all out on your ass or you parents?! You definitely deserve it considering what I've read recently.

This blogosphere is an outlet for alot of people.
It's the reason we can deal with the little irritations on a daily basis and smile at them.
We tell the rest of the world how we feel and then we feel better knowing we aren't alone.

My husband knows about all of my blogs and reads them. I have no problem with that. If I blog about something that bothers him I figure it'll open up communication lines and we can discuss it. Otherwise, it's all fair game.
I keep the major details of our life out of my blog because there are some things you really need to discuss and deal with between the 2 of you.
After it's all said and done though, possible blog fodder is agreed upon and shared.

I hate to think that one day we could lose another great blogger because of some f-ing moron.

Hang in there Kristen!
I know there are quite a few of us who will find a place to hide the bodies if needed.


I'm doing it!

I'm finally going to a salon to have my hair cut and possibly colored.

Not a huge event, you say?
For me it is and here's why:

1) I don't let too many people touch my hair. I went to Cosmetology school when I was younger, granted I'm not up-to-date with the newest techniques, styles, etc. but, I've always had a hard time trusting someone else to cut it correctly. I'm usually not happy with the results. which leads to....
2) I have a hard time spending money on myself for something I can basically do myself. When I have paid for my haircut, it's been in the $20-$30 range. yeah!
3) In the past few years I have:
(a) gone back to my natural color (med brown) after being blonde for about 20 years
(b) realized I have much more gray hairs than I originally thought
(c) Let my hair grow to my shoulder blades
(d) gained weight due to pregnancy.
So my hairstyle is drab & boring and needs major help.

I am trying a new salon in Clifton Park, NY which has "stylists" and "Master stylists".
I called yesterday and told the girl I needed someone who can look help me find a style that will work with my life and complement my features.
Master stylist- $85 which includes color, cut & style.
Not too bad, but I almost choked when I saw the price list. That is, when I can color my hair at home for normally around $4.

My appt is Friday.
Pray for me.
Actually, maybe you should pray for "master stylist" Dana that she does a good job. I'd hate to add "bail" to my total hairstyle cost.

Having eyebrows waxed too- for the second time IN. MY. LIFE.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fade In......

A green 4-door sedan, driving down the road.
In the driver's seat, the husband, Mr. Wonderful.
In the passenger's seat, the wife, Mrs. Wonderful.
In the back, little guy in his car seat.
Music from Jack's big Music Show CD is playing.
A sound is heard coming from husband's side of the car

Husband: " Ruh, Roh"
Husband: "Wow, that made "the boys" wiggle"
Husband: "Breathe babe"
Wife: " You realize I'm blogging this, right?"
Wife: " You didn't think you'd get away scot free, didja?"

Fade out.